Avare setup guide

Avare setup guide

Here's a video guide on setting up Avare. There's also a user forum with a dedicated Stratux section. Step by step guide from the forum:

1-In your Tablet / receiving device, make sure WiFi is ON.

2-Start your Stratux and wait until your device is booted up, Green LED starts to blink, or about 1min.

3-In your Tablet, Connections>WiFi, make sure that you see  Stratux and get it Connected, Do Not proceed beyond this point unless you have that satisfied. Note: If you are close to another WiFi source / Modem etc. you may not see the Stratux, move to a different location.

4-Start Avare, enable GPS and confirm that  you do not see the " No GPS Signal", you can also verify at least 3 Green Satellites in Tools.

5-In Menu Preferences Weather>Use ADSB Weather selected.

6-Create a Flight Plan in the area, may not be needed.

7-Send Avare to background, do not exit, Home key.

8-Start Avare IO, version 4.0.2 or later.

9-From the top Down arrow, select WiFi, verify that port 4000 is entered, and select Listen. At this point you should see data streaming below, if not go back and verify WiFi still connected... I observed many WiFi connections drop offs  when near other sources.

10-Restart Avare and be patient, you may not see any Wx, unless you are in the vicinity of transmitting stations on the ground, but should work above 3000 Ft., and if you are close to the airport you should see some traffic,Blue dots.

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