GPS troubleshooting

GPS troubleshooting

The GPS chip is located inside the unit on the same side as the fan. It needs a clear sky view for operation. Sometimes the USB connection can get knocked loose. Here is a video with basic troubleshooting tips.

You can view the GPS fix status by connecting to on a web browser from any device connected to the stratux WiFi network. You will normally get around 10 meters accuracy but it can be lower depending on placement. Remember 10 meters is a Cessna wingspan, unless you’re dropping GPS guided munitions or shooting LPV approaches (neither of which are legal for the unit) this should be more than sufficient for navigating.

NOTE: ForeFlight uses NaCP values for GDL90 devices so the accuracy displayed in ForeFlight is lower than your actual accuracy. Anything over 3 meters will be displayed as 10 meters and anything over 10 meters is displayed as 30 meters. So for example, a 10.5 meter fix will be displayed as a 30 meter fix in ForeFlight.

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