How do I use the rubberized strap?

How do I use the rubberized strap?

Follow the video guide for instructions on usage. The strap holds the unit to the battery. Extra straps with bumpers are available for purchase on Amazon.
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    • Can I use a RAM mount instead of the suction cups?

      We are working on a RAM mount upgrade for the included mount but it's about 6 months from the production. In the meantime you can use the following modification to use the existing mount with a RAM base: The RAM base from Amazon with the diamond ball ...
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      Most users enjoy the compact size of an iPad mini which you can purchase for around $350. There's also a refurbished model available for $250. If you're looking for a larger display the iPad Air is a better bet for $450. Samsung tablets are also ...
    • Replacement parts list

      Suction cups Antennas USB power switch Rubberized strap SD card (need 2 GB or greater) SD with Stratux image Window suction mount 4 hour battery 6 hour battery 12 hour battery Aircraft power adapter (must be 2 amps or greater) USB cable
    • How can I tighten loose antenna ports?

      Use the included wrench set and follow the video guide.
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      ForeFlight has a known software bug where they use pressure altitude information from the Stratux instead of GPS altitude causing reported altitudes of traffic to be off by thousands of feet. You can force ForeFlight to use GPS altitude by disabled ...