Introduction video and basic operation

Introduction video and basic operation

Video link for the short getting start guide explaining basic operation and tips. Plug the unit into the battery. On boot up you should get a red light indicating power and the fan will turn on momentarily to show you its working then stay off until the temperature gets over 50 degrees C. The green light will become solid indicating the software is running and a stratux WiFi network should appear.

Switch your phone or tablet to airplane mode and turn on WiFi, then connect to the stratux network. Your device is now receiving information from the unit and you can launch your electronic flight bag software. To view status such as GPS and traffic, open a browser on any device connected to the stratux WiFi network (you can have multiple devices) and type in You will be able to see traffic from the ground but not weather.
The GPS needs a clear sky view outside to get a fix. It is located on the same side as the fan. On first boot up you should leave the unit outside for 10 minutes while it builds a GPS satellite catalog. You can check the GPS fix accuracy on the status page.
If you get a flashing red light, it indictates a power problem. Try a different cable and power source. The unit needs at least 2 amps.
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      The GPS chip is located inside the unit on the same side as the fan. It needs a clear sky view for operation. Sometimes the USB connection can get knocked loose. Here is a video with basic troubleshooting tips. You can view the GPS fix status by ...
    • How can I tighten loose antenna ports?

      Use the included wrench set and follow the video guide.
    • How do I use the rubberized strap?

      Follow the video guide for instructions on usage. The strap holds the unit to the battery. Extra straps with bumpers are available for purchase on Amazon.
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      Follow the video instructions for the AHRS upgrade. You can purchase all the components on Amazon with the AHRS upgrade kit.
    • Can I power direct from the plane?

      Yes. But you need 2 amps of greater and beware of low quality power cables and power spikes.  Video guide here. Tested power equipment list: 4 hour battery 6 hour battery 12 hour battery Aircraft power adapter (must be 2 amps or greater) USB cable