Is there a way to install an on/off switch for shutdown?

Is there a way to install an on/off switch for shutdown?

If you'd like to save yourself the trouble of unplugging the power cord each time you power down the unit you can buy a $5 USB on/off cable from Amazon.
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    • Replacement parts list

      Suction cups Antennas USB power switch Rubberized strap SD card (need 2 GB or greater) SD with Stratux image Window suction mount 4 hour battery 6 hour battery 12 hour battery Aircraft power adapter (must be 2 amps or greater) USB cable
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      Video link for the short getting start guide explaining basic operation and tips. Plug the unit into the battery. On boot up you should get a red light indicating power and the fan will turn on momentarily to show you its working then stay off until ...
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