Red LED pen instructions and troubleshooting

Red LED pen instructions and troubleshooting

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    • GPS troubleshooting

      The GPS chip is located inside the unit on the same side as the fan. It needs a clear sky view for operation. Sometimes the USB connection can get knocked loose. Here is a video with basic troubleshooting tips. You can view the GPS fix status by ...
    • Red light only on boot up (no green or flashing green light). Unit won't start.

      If the Stratux unit boots up with only a red light and no green or flashing green light you should reflash the microSD card. If you're unable to reflash the microSD card you may have a defective card. You can purchase a new one for $3 or contact us ...
    • Samsung tablet troubleshooting

      If you're having issues with getting your Stratux to work on a Samsung or any other Android based tablet make sure you disable power saving modes. There may be at least two ways to address this issue if it applies to you: 1. *Turn OFF Power Saving ...
    • How do I use the rubberized strap?

      Follow the video guide for instructions on usage. The strap holds the unit to the battery. Extra straps with bumpers are available for purchase on Amazon.
    • How can I add AHRS to my Stratux build?

      Follow the video instructions for the AHRS upgrade. You can purchase all the components on Amazon with the AHRS upgrade kit.